How we put your business on the map

Local Listings Management

  • Receive

    We receive owner-verified business listings

  • Authencitate

    We authenticate the data with various data quality checks

  • Normalize

    We normalize the data for submission

  • Syndication

    Data is syndicated to all publishing channels and check and updated periodically

  • Check

    We check the publishing status of all locations

  • Report

    We report to our customers about the  data processes and statuses

Industry Leading Location Placement

Managing the location data for multi-location companies could be complicated if not done correctly. Just Navigate provides local marketing automation for the submission and publication of your business listings. This enhances your brand visibility across all major digital maps on all devices.

With Just Navigate, your location data is managed from one place, where our Data Quality Team is waiting to manually verify each location before submission.

Business Listings

Rooftop or Storefront Placement

Our team of Data Quality Specialists make sure your locations are placed with hyper-accuracy, right on the spot.

Just Navigate has unique relationships with the biggest map makers


Apple Maps

5 Billion searches per week
Preferred supplier of POI data



52% EU Market Share
10 Million App Downloads



Powers 80% in-dash systems
10 Million App Downloads



Largest Mapping Application
1 Billion Active Users


The Just Navigate

Business Listings Network

Your locations found everywhere

One Stop Shop


Just Navgiate has the one-stop shop solution to push all your locations directly into the core
mapping channels of all digital map makers.