Just Navigate Insights

Just Navigate Insights brings your statistics to life. It does this by providing an aggregated overview of how brand listings are performing across your chosen channels. All displayed in an intuitive dashboard.

Just Navigate Insights places key data at your fingertips, including detailed traffic reports showing number of views, URL-clicks, and or drive-to-direction requests.

A Wealth of Data

Monitor the frequency and type of actions performed. Compare your unique data to your total number of views for a greater understanding of your conversion rate.

Your business locations offer a goldmine of user data. Use this data to gain a competitive advantage. With so much information scattered across the web, it’s hard to stay on track, but we can help.

Traffic Insights

How many people searched for your location in Google or Google Maps? Insights allows you to track the SEO and local SEO visibility of your location measured overtime.

Local Search Insights

Check how many views converted into actions through our “Conversion per day” tracker.
Using a historical overview, Insights shows you the aggregated division between searches performed on Google Maps versus searches performed on Google Search.

Action Insights



     Website clicks

     Drive to Direction


The Action report provides an overview of the total actions performed on your local listing. Track any action, any time, from any device. Keep up to date with marketing factors such as the number of times people have clicked on your website within Google Maps, the number of times people contacted you by phone, or the total number of times people visited your business location by requesting drive-to-directions.

Action Overview

Switch to the Average Actions per Location view for at-a-glance data highlighting how your customers interacted with your local listing on a day to day basis.

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