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Location Management – Increase Store Visits

Home & Deco suppliers are often large stores. This means they are often located in the outskirts, meaning your customers are likely to search for your store using a digital map on their smartphone or in-car navigation system.

It is vital for your brand to maintain a presence across all major digital mapping software, to ensure findability at the point of search. Updates on your store, including opening hours and address, are not always updated in car navigation systems or even on smartphones. To ensure your updates are seen, Just Navigate offers your company outsourcing options, ensuring your locations properly managed.

Optimising your locations for local search and discovery results in increased footfall that comes from navigation and map searches. This creates a seamless brand experience.

Just Navigate provides the platform to publish your listings across all major digital maps used by your customers, increasing your profit decreasing the hours spent on location management.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website URL

Shoppers would find this information very/extremely helpful in search results:


Price of item at a nearby store


Items is in stock at nearby store


Location of closest store with items in stock


Details about local stores (hours, phone, number)


Map showing which stores carry the items searching the item searched for


What else is available at the store that carries the items searched for

An Intuitive Dashboard

  • Save time
  • Manage you business information all in one place
  • Track the progress of your location data status everwhere you go

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