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Just Navigate

…exists to put your business on the digital map – literally.

We increase visibility in local search and across all major digital maps through our dedicated local listing streamlining process. We do this by working closely with clients to develop a clear understanding of what drives industry specific traffic. This allows us to provide concise location data to the leading databases that power the navigation and mapping industry.

Over 600,000 businesses have benefitted from our strategic partnerships with all principal map development companies, including Google, TomTom, Apple and HERE. Our location-based marketing suite includes single-source service to ensure that location content is pushed directly to core mapping databases. Put simply, we make you findable to the clients you want to be found by.

Just Navigate founded as sole Nokia/Navteq agent for the UK & Ireland.
Just Navigate were approached by TomTom to sell “Guaranteed Inclusion” due to the success of the work with Navteq.
Partnered with Navads BV to unify the submission process with Navteq & TomTom Now manages TomTom locations for many UK brands such as Greggs, McDonald’s, Costa, intu, Marriott.
Signs first Enterprise agreement for multi-channel management with LIDL.
Increases service reach by strengthening the partnership with Navads BV, adding Apple Maps, Google Maps to the service. Signs multi-year agreement with Sainsbury’s for full channel exposure.
Full re-brand of Just Navigate, aligning the service completely with Navads BV for a full Global service reach.

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