TOMTOM Guaranteed Inclusion
What does it all mean?

About Guaranteed Inclusion

Ensuring your business can be located and found by people on the move is critical to your customer experience

TOMTOM Devices and Apps are by far the most popular paid-for Sat Nav service in the UK, and the name is synonymous with quality GPS products.

The good news for your business is that this programme will allow you to target more potential customers and improve the service you offer to existing ones.

Improved Results for Your Business...

By verfying your location data with all your contact details, accessibility to your location will be greatly enhanced.

Current listed non-verfied businesses have, on average only 30% of the required information for Guaranteed Inclusion. Customers on-the-go are demanding more information about your business, so make sure you provide as much info as possible.

Search Improvement Through Keywords. -

There are thousands of searches for products and services outside of your standard business category. Guaranteed Inclusion provides the opportunity to add key search terms to your listing which will mean your business appears in more search results.