Why use Just Navigate?

Everyday, people are using hundreds of different devices, apps and services to look for local information.

Making sure your physical location information is correct on all of these different platforms is a huge task, and one that often is neglected, mainly due to the size of the task at hand. How often have you searched for store information and it is wrong? Have you turned up at a closed shop? We have all been dissapointed by 'live' information, and the chances are, you are mis-informing your customers too.

With unique global relationships, and leading industry professionals, we have created a solution that allows you to manage your information on entire GPS and Location Based Search networks, with just one contact. We do all of the hard work so you don't have to.

Time for the Science...

With hundreds of Global clients, we manage over 200,000 listings worldwide with our partners Navads. We publish to a wider Network than any single company can manage themselves, allowing your data to reach a larger audience than ever before. We have designed and built continual data consistency checks and alerts to highlight any issues during the publishing process, this is unique to our business.

Support your SEO efforts by having correct location data published. Data consistency is one of the main pillars of SEO and by having consistent data everywhere, your SEO will naturally benefit.

Have a look at our GPS Channel Eco-System Map to see exactly where your data is managed through us.

Why use a 'Data Amplifier'?

We manage over 200,000 listings worldwide, it's what we do. Why strain your company resources when we are setup to do it for you? We have continual data consistency checks and alerts, ensuring that if anything changes, we are able to highlight and correct, quickly and efficiently. We also push to a wider network, ensuring your data is uniform across the entire GPS channel, therefore giving you maximum exposure, and also enhancing your SEO efforts.  Your data is a competitive asset, make sure you get the most from it!

Optimise your Brand Visibility!

  • Business Names
  • Address
  • XY Coordinates
  • Multiple Categories
  • Multiple Keywords
  • Facebook Link
  • Twitter Link
  • LinkedIn Link
  • Google+ Link
  • Opening Hours
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Logo
  • Photographs
  • Local Information